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Growing HSAs While Reducing Risk

A different path to offering Health Insurance...

Most companies don’t have a positive response when we introduce that we are in the Health Insurance industry….and we get that.  

Previous to starting HCap Strategy, Kip Deem was a business partner of several small to medium-sized companies.  This put him on the other side of the table, selecting health insurance for employees with whom he worked and cared about, just like you.  He was fortunate to work with a really good health insurance broker and learned from them how to care about companies and their employees. 

From Kip’s upbringing, he benefited from healthy behaviors in the home that kept the family together and living a healthy lifestyle.  Wanting the same for his family, and noticing that our culture was changing the way we work, eat, and use our free time, he was inspired to make a change.  

A team was developed to build a company that could help employees and their families live better lives.  Doable Wellness was born to increase motivation to live a healthier life by providing incentives and tools that make healthy behaviors doable.  Doable Wellness is built on the premise that we generally know what healthy behaviors we need to increase, we just need a stronger motivation to do them.  With free body scans and robust tools for healthy eating and other healthy behaviors, Doable Wellness is the most affordable of program available.  It helps employers incentivize their employees to increase healthy behaviors, decrease chronic disease and be at their best both at work and and home.


Incentivizing Healthy Behaviors to Grow HSAs

Recognizing that Doable Wellness now provided the tools to assist in increasing and tracking healthy behaviors, the team moved to reward employees significantly for increasing their healthy behaviors.  HCap (abbreviated “Human Capital”) Strategy exists to build a “strategy” for companies to offer to their employees to significantly increase their Health Savings Accounts as they engaged in healthy behaviors.  When the innovative products of HCap are combined with the tools of Doable Wellness, our health insurance offering becomes the most proactive health offering available to motivate healthy behaviors leading to significant savings for employers and significant Health Savings Account contributions for employees, a real win-win.  In addition, innovative products were discovered to eliminate high deductibles and replace them with a smarter, $1K “fee” per qualifying medical event offering.  HCap Strategy is powerful as it 1) incentivizes healthy behaviors 2) converts spend on expensive insurance companies to company savings and employee HSA dollars and 3) decreases risk exposure by eliminating deductibles. 

We invite you to join us!

We are passionate about helping employers help their employees.  Our small/medium sized business background gives us a unique perspective that you will find refreshing.  We also are team players and are happy to work with brokers and your HR team.  Don’t have a broker?  No problem, we are happy to be a part of your solution and if there is benefit in bringing in other services offered by brokers, we will make a recommendation.  We are passionate about providing better solutions to the health insurance crisis that is tough on businesses and we would love to show you how affordable and beneficial an HCap Strategy can be for your organization!  It doesn’t cost you anything to give us a call and we are confident that you will appreciate what we can do for you and your employees.  

HCap Strategy Vision

Employers with Healthier, Happier Employees that are Growing their HSAs by increasing their Health Behaviors and Decreasing their Risk Exposure  

HCap Strategy Mission

To Provide Innovative Health Insurance Products that Employers Love to Offer and Employees Love to Choose and Use to Benefit them and their Households

HCap Strategy Goal

To Shift $100 Million of Combined Value away from Expensive Traditional Health Insurance Premiums Instead, these Dollars  Combine to Become Savings for Companies and Contributions to their Employees Health Savings Account by the end of 2031.  

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