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HCap's Strategies Grow HSAs

Our Vision is Happier, Healthier Employees that are Growing Their HSAs by Increasing Their Healthy Behaviors and Reducing Risk

HCap's Strategies Decrease Health Risk

Better HSA and medical benefits administration, at a fraction of a cost

Base Health

ACA Compliance

Health Savings Acct




Mental Wellness


A community that shares risk to avoid financial tragedy from unexpected health events


Critical Illness

Health Share

Affordable Health Care

Employee Decides Best

Low Out of Pocket

Worldwide Options

Easy for HR

Lower Premiums.  Better Benefits.    Smarter Insurance

Cost Savings

Revolutionizing the way people consume and think about health insurance.

Better Benefits

Plans and program strategies that allow us to shave costs without cutting corners.

Get Motivized!

Our search tool and cost savings programs help members get the best care at the best price.  This means lower premiums for all, and greater empowerment in navigating a challenging medical landscape


Motiv has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to our members’ HSAs through our incentive programs.  Our Personal Health Assistants also help members save millions on medical care.  Your money, used your way.

Doable Wellness Motivates Healthy Behaviors

Easy Meal Plans

Family Dinners

Healthy Behavior Incentives

Baseline Body Scans

Health Improvement

Help with Addiction

Anxiety & Depression Help

At-Home Exercises

We Save Employers 15% to 50%

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