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Awesome Base Health Plans + a HealthShare + Robust Wellness Eliminates High Premiums & High Deductibles while Increasing Health Savings Account Contributions

You CAN provide health insurance for yourself/ family that is actually affordable!

Option A: Try the Open Market

Depending on your income, the open market may provide you insurance for little to no cost.  Because of this, we encourage you to click on the Omni Button to quickly see if this is the best fit for you.  Your employees can also simply click on the Omni button.  

Option B: Get Innovative w/ HCap!

Now that you have an Open Market Price, compare to the prices for our innovative products.

Compare your deductible to the lower $1K initial amount that you would pay for any medical event incl: having a baby, surgery, hospitalization etc.  Notice that $ going to your HSA is included!  Plan Details Below.

HSAs Gives You the Control!

As a business owner, we can help you benefit from and grow your Health Savings Account (HSA) all while providing great health care options that reduce health risk.

Better HSA and medical benefits administration, at a fraction of a cost

Base Health

ACA Compliance

Health Savings Acct




Mental Wellness


Reducing Health Risk by incentivizing doable healthy behaviors

Healthy Behavior Incentives

Baseline Body Scans

Easy Meal Plans

Family Dinners

Anxiety & Depression Help

At-Home Exercises

Health Improvement

Help with Addiction

A community that shares risk to avoid financial tragedy from unexpected health events


Critical Illness

Health Share

Affordable Health Care

Employee Decides Best

Low Out of Pocket

Worldwide Options

Easy for HR

Your next step is to call us at 435-239-3154 or message us below so we can help you with the details. It really can be that easy!

Comparison Traditional Insurance HCap Strategy
Has a Monthly Premium
Has a Monthly Membership Rate that is likely substantially less than a premium
Provides protection against expensive health events
Usually have to continue to pay for expenses after your deductible is met through coinsurance
Once you pay your Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) all other expenses are covered for this event
Very likely that your max out of pocket will be substantially less with an event
Covers preventative doctor visits
Has terms like Deductible, Coinsurance, Premiums Etc
Has terms like IUA, Monthly Membership Rate
Can address pre-existing conditions
Has prescription drug benefit
Provides a Heath Savings Account (HSA) benefit
Has an option to add a Dental plan
Has an option to add Vision plan
Has Consolidated Billing
Generally requires you to use a specified "network" for best procedure price
Gives you more control over deciding where to have a procedure performed
Will work with the doctor, hosptial, surgical center to pay your bill for you
When at the hosptial, you present yourself as a "Self Pay" customer
Does the best job at finding the best value for surgeries, procedures and care
Eliminates a lot of expense entailed with Traditional Insurance
Includes a death benefit automatically for no additional cost
Includes a Wellness Program called Doable Wellness that incentivizes healthy behaviors and includes an invitation for quarterly Body Scans.
Included incentive for proactive healthy behaviors like exercise, healthy eating, mindfulness activities and more using Doable Wellness
Provides The Dinnerhub to simplify getting Healthy Dinner on the Table
Provides The Exercisehub for at home Doable Workouts

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